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Howling Wolf ®


Handmade High Quality

Guitar Amplifiers.



                         (Howling Wolf 5/15)

The amp sounds fantastic! If only I did. Even at 5 watts and fairly low volume, drive, and gain, it has the gut-punching attack of the best old vintage Fender amps, and cranked, it sounds as crunchy as any Marshall. I love the EQ pots, and the subtlety and sensitivity of every knob for the matter of it. It makes me want to be a better player. Michael Caswell’s video review (which brought the amp to my attention) was right on the money when he said the amp faithfully maintains the string attack. It’s the best I’ve ever played at doing that and that’s saying something, as I’ve had a 68 Twin Reverb, various Marshall valve amps (JVM), a Vox AC-30, a Two-Rock, and the new Line 6 Amplifi modeling amp.

I’ve taken a break only because my fingers were screaming. I was able to dial in Mark Knopfler’s tone from Sultans of Swing and Eric Clapton’s from I’m Tore Down and Reconsider Baby WITHOUT ANY PEDALS!! I’m completely blown away.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but your packaging was superb. You could have shipped a Faberge Egg in your crate and it would have been immune to the worst mishandling any shipper could have inflicted. And with that, it was simple to open. Clearly, the same intelligent, customer-centric thought went into the packing and shipping as into the engineering, design, and construction of the amp.

I’ve just started to find all the sounds, but I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Thanks again for your personal attention. Keep up the great work!


 Wolf 5/15 Magazine Reviews

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