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Howling Wolf 5/30 Reverb.



•Model Name: Howling Wolf 5/30 Reverb

•Amplifier Type: Tube/Hybrid

•Finish: Lacquered

•Voltage: 230V/ 120 or ask for requirements.

•Wattage: 5 / 30 W (Switchable on back panel)

•Inputs: 1

•Controls:  Input gain, Overdrive, Low level clip switch (with Leds), Effects send and return loop,Low boost and cut (180Hz) Low-mid boost and cut (450Hz), mid boost and cut (1Khz), High boost and cut (>3Khz), Reverb, prescence boost, Master Volume.

•Cabinet Material: Various solid wood.

•Dovetail Jointed

•Engraved control panel.

•Handle: Leather Strap Handle

•Grill Cover: Vintage-style brown/gold grille cloth

•Amplifier Depth: 11" (28 cm)

•Amplifier Width: 17.5" (44.5 cm)

•Amplifier Height: 19.25" (49 cm)

•Amplifier Weight: 36 lbs (16 kg)

•Speaker Description: 12", Celestion Vintage.

•External Jack socket for another cab. (8 Ohms min)

•Tubes: 4 x EL84 and 1 * ECC83

•Balanced line output through XLR socket.

•EMC Tested, CE Marked.

• Warranty for 2 years on an RTB basis. (Valves are 3 months)

•Damage caused by wear and tear,misuse, neglect or accidental damage is


•Any unauthorised repair or modifications will invalidate the warranty.

530 walnut

From £1899  (In Pine)

Walnut add £100.

American Red Cherry add £60.

White Oak add £50.

Tulipwood add £20.