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Oz of the Delray Rockets.

I have used my 1963 Fender Bassman head and matching 2x12 cab for many years and love the tone but felt the need for a backup amp in case the Bassman ever broke down, and I also wanted a more portable amp for smaller gigs and recording.

I have tried and owned countless amps, but have never found one that came close to the tone I was looking for, and I got tired of spending hours trying to work out what the huge variety of buttons and knobs actually did on so many of todays modern amps.


When I heard about The Howling Wolf, with its basic, no nonsense layout, I had to give it a try out.


As I play Rockabilly and Heavy Rock & Roll, the only effect I use is some slap back echo; so I hooked my Tape Echo up to the amp and within minutes I found the tone I had been looking for.

Even though the amp has a basic layout, I found it very easy to get so many different tones for all playing styles.


The biggest factor in finding so many tones quickly is helped by the Presence, Gain, and 5 band Graphic Equaliser knobs.

You can dial in exactly the tone you want very quickly, and unlike a lot of other amps, when you turn one control it doesn’t interact and change all of the other controls.


Another thing that I really find appealing and common to most good valve amps is the touch sensitivity.

If you like a tone with a nice biting, crunchy gain, but want a cleaner tone mid song; all you have to do to get a cleaner sound is play a bit lighter, and this amp does it brilliantly.


I use the 5 watt setting for practising at home and the 15 watt setting for small gigs or mic it up for bigger gigs.


Unlike a lot of other amps of this size, The Howling Wolf doesn’t suffer from a small boxy sound, it actually has a very big, airy sound and when mic’d up through a P.A. sounds huge.


So, to round things up; The Howling Wolf is versatile, easy to use, portable, and has a great variety of tones – Oh and it looks great too.

You could say it’s a wolf in sheeps clothing.


My long search for a second amp is finally over – this ones definitely a keeper.


OZ OZ the-delray-rockets

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